Every cloud burst needs a silver lining

Throughout the world, the importance of harvested rainwater, as a private source of both drinking and household water, is growing fast.

Rainwater for people in the developing world is a heaven sent solution to the shortage of clean, fresh drinking water.

Whereas, in the industrialised world, with its drinking water on tap, rainwater is mostly used as a low quality supplement to the mains supply. A supplementary rainwater supply can provide up to as much as 50%, or more, of water for household use such as flushing the lavatory, watering the garden and cleaning the car.

Too precious to let slip through our fingers

The use of harvested rainwater is becoming yet more important with the realisation that fresh water is a precious resource.

As populations grow and weather patterns change perhaps causing extreme shortages, even in the Northern Hemisphere, the cost of water storage and distribution could rise. And as they do, so the need to switch to more sustainable options increases.

Rainwater harvesting is such an option but rain, collected straight from the roof and stored is not so clean and fresh. In fact it is almost certain to contain microbial contaminants.

Water in most rainwater catchment and storage systems will contain bacteria, which stains the lavatory and contaminates the system ,posing a potential health risk.

Making rainwater drinkable – the silver lining?

Plation introduces a silver lining to every cloud burst. The means to change the way we use rainwater by purifying, preserving and protecting against contamination of bacteria and algae.

The Plation RainPC uses a unique, natural and sustainable silver and copper ionizationprocess.A technique developed by AquaEst and designed specifically to turn harvested rainwater into drinkable, household water.

At its core, silver colloidal balls and copper are used as part of the purification process. They add a non-chemical disinfectant, which provides residual purification to preserve the water when stored and protecting it against any further bacterial contamination.

Plation RainPC-ST and RainPC-MF... Filter and clean rainwater to supply fresh purified water household, drinkable water.

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Rainwater Harvesting - Plation
Each drop of rain purified by the RainPC turns into clean, fresh drinking water
Plation RainPC-ST Standard Rainwater Filtration SystemThe RainPC-ST Turns rainwater into cleaner, safer household and drinkable water with E-coli level of <1/100, the worldwide microbial norm for drinkable water, meeting both WHO Guidelines and Dutch water authority regulations. RainPC...

Plation RainPC-MF  MIcro Rainwater Filtration SystemRainPC-MF is a 4 part filtration process, which provides clean, fresh drinkable water, free from bacteria (up to 99.999%*), straight from the tap meeting both WHO Guidelines and Dutch water authority regulations. RainPC...

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